PE / Health Department

Abri Hausman, Staff writer


  • Keep students fit and healthy
  • Teach students the proper way to take care of themselves


  • Two health classrooms, full fitness and weight training facility, gymnasium
  • Moseley is the department chair

Teachers, classes offered, and sports coached

  • Brent Moseley
    • Personal Fitness, Weight training
    • Baseball (Varsity), Assistant Football (JV and Varsity)
  • Rhonda Manley
    • Personal Fitness, Health
    • Softball (JV), Assistant Softball (Varsity)
  • Brandon Hutchins
    • Personal Fitness, Health
    • Boys Basketball (Varsity)
  • Chad Phillips
    • Weight training,
    • Football, Athletic Coordinator
  • David Cooper
    • Weight training
    • Assistant Baseball (Varsity), Assistant Football (JV and Varsity)
  • Chad Walker
    • Personal Fitness, Team Sports
    • Track, assistant Football (JV and varsity)
  • Burt Waller
    • Personal Fitness, Team Sports
    • Boys and Girls Golf (Varsity), Wrestling (Varsity), Assistant football (JV and Varsity)

Personal Fitness and Health is an important source of physical exercise and education for students. The coaches encourage students to “learn that exercise is important and should be included in their daily lives,” department chair Brent Moseley said.

Students must take a semester of Personal Fitness and Health to graduate, and Starr’s Mill usually requires these courses to be taken as freshmen. Weight training and teams sports classes are offered as electives for all grades levels.

In health class, the students learn about basic functions of the body, how to take care of their body, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and how to deliver CPR. The class also includes a unit of  driving safety which the student must pass in order to get their driver’s’ license.

In Personal Fitness, there are several test that analyse students’ fitness and endurance levels such as the mile run, which students must complete in 12 minutes, to get credit for the workout. Coaches also decided to add Fitnessgram to the program a couple of years ago, which measures students’ flexibility and cardiovascular and muscular health. The Personal Fitness class is held in the gym and Panther Stadium.

The coaches make class more enjoyable with a friendly environment and engaging activities. “I think we do a good job of building relationships with our students,” Moseley said.