Teen Republicans


Aelise Gagliano

The co-presidents of the Teen Republicans host its inaugural meeting in Room 849. Both students look forward to making a strong presence at Starr’s Mill as well as having club members participate in a multitude of service projects with Fayette County’s Republican Party outside of school.

Ximena Bejarano, Staff Writer


  • Serve as an active organization of like-minded, conservative students
  • Further advance the views of the Republican Party and raise awareness of current issues
  • Provide valuable opportunities for Republicans at Starr’s Mill to become politically active at a local level


  • Founded by students Dunnchadn Strnad and Chris Hollingsworth towards the end of the 2015-16 school year
  • Meets on a monthly basis after school in Room 849 to discuss divisive political concerns present in the nation
  • Participates in numerous service projects involving the Fayette County Republican Party throughout the school year

Officers and Sponsor

  • Co-Presidents: Dunnchadn Strnad and Chris Hollingsworth
  • Vice-President: Michael Colston
  • Treasurer: Yuri-Grace Ohashi
  • Secretary: Andrew Bartek
  • Sponsor: Diane Ruane

If you ask anyone living in the state of Georgia which political party they’re affiliated with, there is a presumable chance that they identify themselves as a Republican. Republicanism has been widespread in the southern region of the United States since the beginning of its history, and Georgia is no exception to this preference. In 2012, Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate for the Republican Party at the time, received 65.1% of the popular vote in Fayette County, confirming its political standing as a predominantly conservative area. The unmatched presence and high regard for traditional values in where we live, as a result, inspired co-presidents Dunnchadn Strnad and Chris Hollingsworth to form the Teen Republicans at Starr’s Mill.

This year’s officers of the Teen Republicans, aside from Strnad and Hollingsworth, include  vice-president Michael Colston, treasurer Yuri-Grace Ohashi, and secretary Andrew Bartek. Diane Ruane, AP World History and Government and Politics teacher, sponsors both the Teen Republicans and Young Democrats at Starr’s Mill.

Strnad, one of the newly formed student organization’s co-presidents, initially developed his passion for politics after having been raised “in a household of conservative values,” he stated. His creditable interest in politics only grew when he made the decision to take AP Government and Politics and further immerse himself in the political culture of the United States.

As a result, Strnad felt inclined to start the Teen Republicans at Starr’s Mill in attempt to not only inform its students of current events but also provide an open forum where they have the ability to freely express their political views. “Starr’s Mill has gone too long without proper political education and outlets,” Strnad said. “Political activism starts early, and all Americans should be informed about current events.”

As the nation further advances toward November 8th, the date of the presidential election between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Strnad also believed it was the perfect time to turn his idea into reality. “Since this is such an interesting year in politics,” he said, “when would a better time to start a new political organization be than now?”

Strnad proceeded to ask Chris Hollingsworth, another fellow Republican, if he was potentially interested in forming the Teen Republicans at Starr’s Mill with him. Hollingsworth accepted Strnad’s offer, moving him one step closer towards achieving his goal of having the ability to “spread conservative values across our community and to our peers,” he said.

Strnad and Hollingsworth’s next task was to find a teacher at Starr’s Mill who would be willing to sponsor the Teen Republicans. Strnad approached Ruane, his AP Government and Politics teacher, and asked her if she was willing to sponsor the the club. Ruane agreed to sponsor the Teen Republicans as well as the Young Democrats after being approached by its founders, junior Tyler Holt and sophomore Blythe Terry, several months later. As the AP Government and Politics teacher at Starr’s Mill, Ruane believes that it is essential for every student to have the ability to express his or her political beliefs “in a civilized manner,” she said. After receiving Ruane’s assent, both Strnad and Hollingsworth completed the official paperwork for the club before the end of the 2015-16 school year.

Both co-presidents expect the Teen Republicans to be buzzing with activity this year. Members will meet once a month in Room 849 and have the opportunity to work with the Fayette County Republican Party outside of school. “We will be campaigning for Drew Ferguson for Congress, Johnny Isakson for Senate, and local offices,” Strnad said.

The Teen Republicans will be considerably active before and during the presidential election but still plan on performing “charity and service work afterwards,” Strnad confirmed.

The Teen Republicans also intend to participate in several activities with the Young Democrats at Starr’s Mill later this school year. “We plan to work alongside the Young Democrats in bipartisan functions,” Strnad said.

Nevertheless, both Strnad and Hollingsworth are enthusiastic to promote conservative values in our community, offer numerous opportunities for its members to become involved with Fayette County’s Republican Party, provide an open forum at Starr’s Mill for like-minded Republicans to congregate in, and possibly attract politically unaligned students. “Students must know that they can make a difference,” Strnad said, “and sometimes that difference can be a vote, sometimes it can be campaigning. It is so important that our youth start their political influence early, because if there’s one thing in our country we don’t need more of, it’s uninformed voters.”