Young Democrats


Diane Ruane

Leonard Presberg (middle), the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Fayette County, poses with the inaugural members of the Young Democrats for a group photo after speaking to them during their monthly meeting. The Young Democrats chapter at Starr’s Mill plans to participate in various service projects with Presberg and other members of the Democratic Party all year round.

Ximena Bejarano, Staff Writer


  • Create a buzzing student-run organization of Democrats in a predominantly conservative community
  • Further advance the views of the Democratic Party and raise awareness of current issues
  • Provide opportunities for democratic students to become politically active at a local level


  • Founded by students Tyler Holt and Blythe Terry towards the beginning of the 2016-17 school year
  • Meets on a monthly basis after school in Room 849 to discuss divisive political concerns present in the nation
  • Participates in numerous service projects involving the Fayette County Democratic Party throughout the school year

Officers and Sponsor

  • President: Tyler Holt
  • Vice-President: Blythe Terry
  • Treasurer: Madi Hynson
  • Secretary: Abigail Mapel
  • Sponsor: Diane Ruane

Despite the indisputable fact that the state of Georgia has been dominated by conservative ideals since the beginning of its history, democratic citizens are no longer completely out of the picture when it comes to politics. As this year’s presidential election has been successful in provoking strong reactions from both political parties, Democrats throughout the nation have started to distinguish themselves from their conservative counterparts and strongly express their views. The increased willingness to abandon traditional values and overall rise of liberalism in today’s society, as a result, inspired junior Tyler Holt and sophomore Blythe Terry to form the Young Democrats at Starr’s Mill.

This year’s officers of the Young Democrats include president Tyler Holt, vice president Blythe Terry, treasurer Madi Hynson, and secretary Abigail Mapel. Diane Ruane, AP World History and Government and Politics teacher, sponsors both the Teen Republicans and Young Democrats at Starr’s Mill.

The idea to form the Young Democrats originally came from Terry’s older sister, Faith, who suggested it to her during the summer. Believing it was a promising idea, Terry proceeded to notify Holt, another fellow Democrat, and ask him if he was potentially interested in forming the organization with her. Holt delightedly accepted her offer because both students aspired to “have a space for like-minded individuals at Starr’s Mill,” Holt said.

Holt and Terry’s next task was to find a teacher at Starr’s Mill who would be willing to host the Young Democrats. Both students approached Ruane and asked her if she could sponsor the club. Ruane agreed to sponsor the Young Democrats as well as the Teen Republicans after being approached by its co-presidents, seniors Chris Hollingsworth and Dunnchadn Strnad, several months earlier. As the AP Government and Politics teacher at Starr’s Mill, Ruane believes that it is crucial for all students to have the ability to express their political beliefs and opinions “in a civilized manner,” she said.

After Ruane said yes to sponsoring the Young Democrats, both Holt and Terry completed the official paperwork for the club before the beginning of the school year. The first Young Democrats meeting was held on September 8th and enjoyed a successful turnout of democratic students. “Forty people came to our first meeting, so there was clearly some demand for the club,” Holt mentioned.

Holt and Terry expect the Young Democrats to be considerably active this year. Members will meet once a month in Room 849 and have the opportunity to work with the Fayette County Democratic Party outside of school. “We have various service projects coming up,” Holt confirmed. “Club members will be making phone calls and assisting in the general election as well as the state and local elections.”

The Young Democrats also look forward to participating in several competitions with their conservative counterparts at Starr’s Mill later this school year. “We are going to have a debate and kickball tournament with the Teen Republicans,” Holt said.

Holt’s main goal, however, is for the Young Democrats chapter at Starr’s Mill to ultimately “attend the Young Democrats State Convention,” he said. Nevertheless, both Holt and Terry are enthusiastic to promote democratic ideals and principles, provide an open forum at Starr’s Mill for like-minded Democrats to congregate in, offer a multitude of valuable opportunities for its members to become involved with Fayette County’s Democratic Party, and, more importantly, “create a voice for the political minority in this community,” Holt said.