Chess Club


Shelby Foster

Two members of Chess Club name the different pieces on the board. The club is open to all students and meets twice a month in English teacher Katherine Tucker’s room 720.

Abri Hausman, Staff Writer


  • To present an opportunity for students to play chess
  • To allow students to practice with peers with varying skill levels
  • Bring together students with common interests


  • 15 members
  • Meets twice a month in room 720


  • English teachers Shad Genovese and Katherine Tucker

English teacher and Chess Club sponsor Katherine Tucker created the Chess club a year ago after a couple of her students had asked her to do so.

The Starr’s Mill chess club is not just about improving each player’s game of chess, it’s a great social environment to spark creativity in students and tell stories. It’s also a great way to put students’ minds to the test without deadlines looming over them. “Some people just come for the company and don’t even play all the time,” co-sponsor Shad Genovese said.

The individual students that we have are all very witty and entertaining to be around,” Genovese said. Students can also learn interesting tricks like the 3-move-checkmate and the rules of different pieces, or students can debate why the bishop has a frowny face. “You want bishops to be happy. What would you do if you had to wear the same outfit everyday?” Genovese said.

From pterodactyl noises to brownie recipes, everything discussed is in the heat of a good chess game. Even if the members cannot play chess, they can still enjoy the food that Tucker brings in every meeting. “Chess club is as much about the social aspects as it is about playing chess,” Genovese said.