French Club


Submitted by Marie Scott

The French club hosts its annual Christmas party in the cafeteria. Le Cercle Français is a club for any student with an interest in French culture and language. The club itself is “definitely a great recruiting tool to encourage students to continue their studies of the French language,” French teacher and sponsor of the club Marie Scott said. Whether it be a club meeting or annual party, Scott seems to always enjoy “the camaraderie that develop during those times,” Scott said.

Chandler Cummings-McBride, Editor-in-Chief


  • To engage students in activities related to the French language and the cultures of francophone (French-speaking) countries.
  • To promote the study of French language and culture through peer connections


  • Meetings are typically held once a month in room 656
  • There are 47 members for the 2016-17 school year
  • Anyone with an interest in French languages and culture is able to join
  • Participates in a variety of annual events and activities, including ones with other foreign language clubs offered at Starr’s Mill

Officers and Sponsor

  • President: junior Sabrina Greco
  • Vice President: junior Gray Jones
  • Secretary: junior Claudia Wahoski
  • Activity Planner: junior Madi Hynson
  • Sponsor: Marie Scott

French teacher Marie Scott took over Le Cercle Français when she first came to the school in 1999, after the club had been established for a year. Scott’s primary role as adviser is to counsel and advise the French club officers in all aspects of operation of the club.

Scott said that the success of the French club is due to the officers’ hard work. “They are the ones who make the French Club what it is. It’s their enthusiasm and their planning that makes students want to join,” Scott said.

Third year member and president of the club junior Sabrina Greco said that the four officers are on a level playing field. They “all contribute ideas during officer meetings, organize general meetings and events,” Greco said. Although all of the officers this year are juniors, Greco believes “it has been very beneficial because [they can] communicate regularly and get along very well with one another,” Greco said.

The communication between officers translates well during meetings, especially in certain events like the annual Christmas party or the annual fundraiser that lasts the entire first semester. The past few years, the French club has been collecting for the Bloom Closet, a local organization that helps foster children. Between, fundraising, Mardi Gras and Christmas parties, and an annual kickball competition against the other foreign languages clubs offered at the Mill, Scott is “not sure [she has] a favorite [event],” Scott said.

Even the simple meetings offer Scott and Greco a sense of success that relationships and a passion for the French culture have been forged between younger members and students in upper-level classes. “ [At meetings and events] all students have the opportunity to share why they love the language, [why they love] the culture, and share some of their experiences,” Scott said.

The fun and enriching experiences offered in Le Cercle Français remain one-of-a-kind and Greco is sure that is what makes French Club so unique and attractive to students.  “Our club members are students who see the club as more than just another activity to add to college applications and résumés. It’s obvious that members enjoy being in our club,” Greco said.