Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America

Kyle Soto, Staff Writer


  • Teaches students more about business practices
  • Helps students become involved with the community


  • A nationwide organization
  • Starr’s Mill’s chapter has 115 students
  • Attended an annual leadership rally in the fall in Perry, Ga.
  • Participate in various competitions throughout the year
  • Merged with SkillsUSA


  • Jeffrey Klein

Starr’s Mill High School offers various business related opportunities to its students, one of those being Future Business Leaders of America . This club is tailored for students who wish to pursue a career in business or economics after their time at the Mill.  

“We specifically look for students in business courses, preferably those that are seeking to complete a pathway and certainly individuals that eventually want to take on some role in a business,” club sponsor Jeffrey Klein said.

Over the past five years, the Starr’s Mill chapter of FBLA has been growing substantially. Five years ago, there were 25 students who participated in FBLA, but for the past two years, the club surpassed the 100th member mark.

During meetings, members are shown different types of business presentation, such as what to wear during a job interview or how to create a job portfolio. They then proceed to discuss the agenda, such as upcoming field trips or competitions.

Last semester, FBLA attended two leadership conferences in Athens and Atlanta to help prepare them for various competitions throughout second semester. “Members are eligible to participate in competitions dealing with business, marketing, and personal finance,” Klein said.

FBLA recently combined with SkillsUSA, which deals with more technical stuff such as photography, welding, and building to maximize their impact on the community. Earlier this school year, the newly combined FBLA and SkillsUSA organized a food drive where they raised and donated over 250 cans to Fayette Samaritans, a social and welfare service.

“FBLA is a great organization that provides many opportunities to learn, compete, and train in many different business aspects,” Klein said.