Technology Club


Shelby Foster

The members of technology club met on May 17 to celebrate the end of the school year alongside club sponsor and engineering teacher Jonathan Winkjer. The students came together to discuss this year’s activities while indulging on pizza.

Daniella Vivas, Features co-Editor


  • Allows students to meet other people interested in technology
  • Establishes a care-free social atmosphere where students can share ideas


  • Meets every other Wednesday after school in room 833
  • No official club officers


  • Jonathan Winkjer   

Engineering teacher Jonathan Winkjer founded Technology Club nine years ago when he arrived at Starr’s Mill. “I wanted a club to be more social and sharing based as opposed to a rigorous, academic, project-driven club,” Winkjer said.

When beginning this club Winkjer’s philosophy was to create a very flexible learning environment. He wanted to stray away from all the other club norms and do something different. By that he meant that there would be no official officers nor would attendance at the meetings mandatory. Also, this club is significantly different than most at the Mill because “it’s self-sufficient and there are no strict regulations or dues,” Winkjer said.

The number of total members is constantly fluctuating throughout the year due to the students’ demanding schedules. Winkjer believes that since attendance is not logged the people who do pop in to meetings genuinely want to be there and have a good time.

Those who attended the first meeting in May experienced something unique, virtual reality through a headset. This was made possible by one of the club members who offered to bring in a headset. The engineering department has access to state-of-the-art technology which trickles over to the club, like access to a 3-D printer.

The advantage technology club gives the students is an outlet for them to express themselves around people who share their same interest. “My goal is to get the kids to think outside of the classroom and outside of the box,” Winkjer said.