Multicultural Club


Shelby Foster

During one club meeting this year, students brought in artifacts from different countries and discussed their meaning and significance. This year the club focused on festivals and different foods associated with those festivals.

Emma Posey, Staff Writer


  • Assist students in the learning and understanding of cultures from around the world


  • Meets every Tuesday after school in Mr. Hickey’s classroom
  • Students can join at anytime by attending meetings and participating in group activities


  • Sean Hickey

Psychology teacher Sean Hickey took over the Multicultural Club five years ago when the previous sponsor passed it on to him. His role as sponsor is to engage the members in a discussion of the aspects of culture that they have decided to focus on for that school year.

This year, the members of Multicultural Club decided to focus on festivals around the world and the different types of foods associated with them. Hickey said that the students discussed certain festivals and then brought in food and props to help learn more about them. “I really let the students help establish what cultural elements they would like to speak about and I’m there to provide support and structure. [The elements they want to discuss are] never the same [from year to year],” Hickey said. “I have found that to be fascinating and very interesting.”

The club has been apart of Starr’s Mill for ten years and focuses on globalization and outreach. “We need this club because it assists students in better understanding the broader, more globalized, world and all of the plethora of cultures that we have and can embrace as humans,” Hickey said. “It offers geographical understanding cultural understanding and its endless the applications you could have with this type of information.”