It’s okay to be stressed out


Photo via PxHere under Creative Commons license

With exams starting this week, the stress is as high as it has ever been this semester. Though instead of letting it consume you, let it be something you can use in order to make your grades better.

Jordan Owens, Staff Writer

Despite what people say, stress actually helps you when it comes to finals and schoolwork in general.

For me, stress is something in my mind that tells me to keep pushing and keep working.

Stress is probably the driving force as to why many students choose to do their work for classes and study for their finals.

When I’m stressed about grades, I am more likely to check those grades often. When I’m stressed about exams, I am likely to study for that class more in that period of time than I would for the whole semester.

It is because I am so worried about how my grades are doing by that time that I cannot think of anything else. In days when I am particularly stressed, I feel more motivated to do more of my work.

It seems that the times I am stressed and have so much work to do I complete that work in a decent amount of time instead of spending about thirty minutes on it and then giving up.

Stress reminds me of all the things that I need to do for that day, and I use it to prioritize all of my schoolwork.

— Staff Writer Jordan Owens

Since I am in basketball cheer, color guard, and other clubs, most of my school days in the afternoon are full. It’s hard to juggle all of the school work and activities at the same time.

It is hard to remember everything that I have to do that night, and even though my planner helps, there are still times where I accidentally leave something out. Stress reminds me of all the things that I need to do for that day, and I use it to prioritize all of my schoolwork.

Stress can be hard to deal with, but it can be used as a sort of get together. When studying with friends or a study group, it is most likely that they are just as stressed out as you are. And hanging out with these people, you all might be able to calm each other down while studying a specific subject.

Yes, there is a such thing as too much stress, which is a point that everyone gets to at one time in their life, but to make sure that does not happen, use all the free time you have in your day wisely. Rather than just watching shows or movies like ‘The Office.”

Besides, think about how relaxing and relieved you will feel after all the stress passes. Even though you have to deal with stress for the rest of your life, does not mean there will never be a break from it.

Stress is overall beneficial even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. If we as human beings were never stressed out, would we really be human?