Jeers to the toilet paper holders being so high up in the school’s bathroom stalls. Seriously, who’s arms are that long? 

Jeers to my mask for making my ears hurt.”

Jeers to my mask for making my ears hurt. Especially whenever I am wearing earrings and the mask strings try to rip them out. But hey, if mild ear trauma is the price I pay for keeping others safe and healthy, I can get over it. 

Jeers to this new lunch schedule. Less than half an hour and it is split up into four different groups? Yeah, this is going to be really popular among students!

Jeers to seasonal allergies giving everyone around me a mild heart attack anytime I cough. I promise I do not have the ‘rona. No need to look at me like I am a sickly Victorian child with tuberculosis. 

Jeers to it being so cold lately. We live in Georgia, our winters are supposed to be maybe in the low 40s. How did we enter this weird temperature purgatory, and how on earth do we escape it?