Jeers to prom dresses being incredibly expensive. For something you are only going to wear once, it should not be $200 or more to get one of quality. I, for one, am not against just buying one used and saving the money.   

Jeers to prom dresses being incredibly expensive.

Jeers to the weather. I do not understand why I have to have the heater blaring to defrost my windows on the way to school, and then have to turn my AC all the way up on the ride home. Georgia, make up your mind! 

Jeers to the first full week of school this semester. I do not know about y’all, but I loved the four-day weeks. 

Jeers to “Arthur” getting canceled after running for 25 years. D.W. was an important figure in my childhood, so personally, this is outrageous. 

Jeers to Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s weird relationship. After an engagement ring that hurts to take off, and drinking each other’s blood, it is scary to think about what will happen at their upcoming wedding. At least they are happy.