Romance movies are better than action movies

Abrial Rand, Staff Writer

Do you want to watch a story about two people falling in love, and romance, or would you want to watch a dull story about people fighting and bloody scenes? If you picked love and romance, you’re not alone.

Romance movies are better than action movies because you can relate to the characters, and even connect with them emotionally.  They also can teach life lessons.

At the beginning of most romance movies, it starts with a girl that does not know what love is, then makes friends and gets close to this boy who then falls in love with her. After they fall in love, something happens with the relationship and they distance for a while, then they fall in love for the rest of the movie.

This is an example of the normal relationship between two people.  In most relationships, partners do end up falling for each other and then get back together after some necessary distance. It may be a pattern, but it is a pattern people can relate to.

It may be a pattern, but it is a pattern people can relate to.

— Staff Writer Abrial Rand

There are some good movies without the normal girl falling in love with the normal high school boy. For example, in “Twilight,” a girl is moving in with her dad and meets a boy that cannot be around her because he is a vampire and she is very tempting. They wind up being madly in love with each other and cannot stay away from each other. 

This is another version of connecting with a character, but you can emotionally connect to them instead.  Sometimes in the relationship you can connect to that example because you can get together then something can get in the way of that then find a way back to each other. In the relationship, someone from school or your family tries to do something to make you guys split up, then you realize that you guys are perfect for each other and apologize to each other, and get back together.

The scenarios in romance movies tug on the emotions in a variety of ways.

In the movie “After,” Tessa moved to college and met this boy Hardin. On the first night of her being there she goes to a college party for the first time and does not know what to expect. While she is at the party, she meets this group of friends and Hardin. 

One of the girls dared her to kiss him and she did not, so Hardin said on a video that he would make her fall in love with him and then walk away from that. 

At the end of the movie they were living together and she got suspicious of a text on his phone, but he said it was nothing. Then he leaves and she follows him.  When she gets there she sees the group she met at the party. The girl that filmed the video shows her, and she runs away back home for a few days. 

In the next  movie “After we collided,” he apologizes to her and explains that he fell in love with her in a way that he never thought could happen.

This teaches that no matter what happens, you can always give people a second chance. You can be friends or in a relationship with them, and it won’t matter.

Meanwhile, in action movies most of the heroes win against the villains again and again. The villains do pretty much the same thing in every action movie. They try to put the hero down and fight with them because they want their way for the world or universe.

You can really never get bored of romance because it holds unique stories every time. I know that whenever I watch a movie like that with a friend, we have such a good time.