Cheers to comfy hoodies. One of the best feelings in the world is opening up the dryer and grabbing out a warm, comfy hoodie. 

Cheers to the World Language plays.

Cheers to spring break next week. Who’s excited to spend an entire week relaxing, and not having to worry about school? Here at the Prowler, we sure are. 

Cheers to Staff Writers MacKenzie Jadick and Peter Beardsley. Beardsley was crowned prom king last weekend, and Jadick wore a pretty dress yesterday for lacrosse senior night. 

Cheers to the World Language plays. The plays will take place during class on Friday, despite only drama and World Language classes attending. 

Cheers to “Coda” winning the best overall picture at the Oscars. It was the first movie to predominantly feature sign language and win this award.