Jeers to Tuesdays. Tuesdays are worse than Mondays, because on Mondays you still have energy from the weekend, whereas on Tuesdays you’re burnt out from Mondays. 

Can it just be fall already?

Jeers to Editor Drew McCarthy spraining his ankle. According to him, the worst part is the crutches. 

Jeers to packages arriving late. It seems like every time we have a package coming, it gets stuck somewhere for like three weeks. On the same note, what is up with Elderwood, Ga., and why are you holding my laptop case hostage?

Jeers to the new Chromebook backgrounds. They’re boring, they’re ugly, and you cannot change it. 

Jeers to the weather. It’s been all rainy and sad for the past week, but also burning up at the same time. Can it just be fall already?