Cherry Coke, the superior choice

Ella Bissonnette, Staff Writer

Coke has been around since 1892. Many other restaurants tried to recreate this sensation, but only Coca-Cola accomplished the task. 

As Coke evolved they had the greatest decision of all time–creating Cherry Coke! Cherry Coke issued in 1985. Even though Coke came out first, Cherry Coke is still always one step ahead.

Look into the scientific view–you get better as you move forward and test more trials.”

— Staff Writer Ella Bissonnette

Since Coke was released first it often gets credit for being the best soda. Wrong! Cherry Coke is younger, extravagant, and more improved. 

Look into the scientific view–you get better as you move forward and test more trials. Cherry Coke was released later than the original, which means it has evolved to be superior to Coke.

Cherry Coke frequently gets overshadowed by the original Coke. While Coke started the building blocks, Cherry Coke took it to a whole other level. 

Cherry Coke does not flaunt its delicious taste like Coke. Some people do not know what Cherry Coke is. Well, you do not deserve it then! And the response, “Well, I know what Coke is,” is not a viable explanation.

Let’s not forget about Cherry Coke’s label. The label adds a more extravagant and fun side to the soda.

Cherry Coke’s purplish color at the top and the design of a cherry, makes the label way more interesting than just plain red.

I have fiddled with Coke in the past, and if Cherry Coke was not an option, then my alternative would be Coke. Coke is not the worst, but when given a choice choose Cherry Coke. 

Between Cherry Coke and Coke, we all see which one is delicious, and which one is–just alright.