Fennec foxes, the smarter choice


Mateya Petrova, Staff Writer

Foxes are a smart species. They are also friendly. Yes, they are wild animals, but they make great friends with humans. 

The fennec foxes act both like cats and dogs because they like to be treated like a pet, and they love cuddles. If you are planning on adopting a fox you have to have the space for them. 

They take a lot of responsibility, but they do make a great, fun, and loving friend to have around, unlike geckos. Geckos are cute, but they require a lot of work and it is really hard to catch one. You have to feed them live bugs. Who wants to keep bugs alive in a bag and give it to them by hand? 

If you are looking for an exotic pet you should definitely get a fennec fox. They make a great family friend to have around and keep you busy. Fennec foxes are great at surviving and providing for their own.  

The fennec foxes cost an average of $2,000-$2,500. They are more expensive than other animals, due to them being known as exotic pets and their need for special care. Fennec foxes are banned to own in some states like Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Washington. Some of the east coast states have to have a licensed permit to own one, due to them being wild animals. 

Fennec foxes are omnivores, meaning their diet is insects, birds, rabbits, small reptiles, plants, fruits, and rodents. In order to take care of a fennec fox inside your house, you have to lower the humidity, keep the ventilation going non-stop, and avoid dust in your house.  

Foxes do have to be kept in their natural habitat, so they have to be outside in order for them to feel like they are still out in the wild. 

If you plan on keeping it outside, make sure that you have a big backyard or land and place a huge outdoor enclosure with a fenced area with trees and rocks and food supply for them to eat, sleep and play with. That way they can still be living happily and not have too much human contact. 

Fennec foxes are loyal, smart, loving, and social, which makes them great house pets, as long as their needs and care are being well taken care of for those who are very social.