Jeers to Whitewater’s student section interrupting senior night. Enjoy your own senior night, and leave ours alone. 

Jeers to the amount of makeup work you get from being out sick. I’m so sorry I was in the hospital for two weeks, but don’t worry I’ll happily do these 56 assignments in two weeks, along with my regular assignments. 

Jeers to bad AirPods. We just want to listen to our music, without it bugging out every five minutes. Even worse is when one stays charged but the other one will not.

Jeers to people who think November is too early for Christmas. The day Starbucks comes out with its holiday menu, Mariah Carey defrosts, and it is officially the Christmas season. 

Jeers to not being able to exempt the fall exam for AP classes or classes with spring Milestones. Why should we have to take double the amount of tests?