Jeers to tests on Monday. Yes, we supposedly have the whole weekend to study, but is that really going to happen? Although these are sometimes necessary to stay on schedule, Monday tests are not a great way to kick off the week.

Jeers to winter wind. It is already frigid outside in January, and when making the cold trek inside from the warm car, a sudden gust that drafts right through all your layers of clothing makes it so much worse. Perhaps one of these times I will simply blow away.

Jeers to not being allowed to eat in some classes. If you are courteous and clean up after yourself, and maybe share with your neighbor, having a snack should be perfectly fine. Sometimes waiting to eat until C lunch just is not going to happen.

Jeers to those who do not give a fudge about their job. For the sake of the customers, the business you work for, and your own reputation, have pride in the work you do, as useless as it might seem. Do not overlook the importance of hard work.

Jeers to the classroom policies that simply make classes harder. Whatever it may be, if it is not making us learn to the fullest extent, we do not want it.