American schools create enjoyable experiences

Jae Ardoin, Staff Writer

The American education system is the most diverse there is in the world. With all my years going to school in America, I have gotten so much exposure to many different cultures and experiences.

Here in America, I like that students get to pick the electives. We also get to have more than one elective, while in Denmark students get one for the whole year. In America, most students’ schedules can change along with having two semesters in the school year as opposed to Denmark and their lack of any semester altogether. 

[W]e can choose an assortment of different types of subjects to study throughout school.

— Staff Writer Jae Ardoin

Here in America, we can choose an assortment of different types of subjects to study throughout school. I have so much involvement in other fields of education. In America we get to choose what pathways we want to go down and get to change when available. We also have montessori schools which have a lot of hands-on learning and help students get real world experiences, rather than being in a traditional classroom. 

In the American education system, we also have many tests which give us an idea of what level of learning we are at. Giving us tests the teachers and the students know what they need to focus on while teaching and learning. 

Schools in America also have AP and dual enrollment classes which allow students in high school to take college classes for little to no cost compared to college. If you do well in the class then you will get a college credit for the class, lowering the cost for college. 

Even though college could get expensive, here in America there are many ways students lower the cost other than AP classes and dual enrollment. There are scholarships and grants you could get for it and then athletes go for D1 scholarships. 

Homecoming week is the best part about being a student in America.

— Staff Writer Jae Ardoin

In America schools are very involved in sports. Students in other countries play club sports like football and volleyball. In America when most children get to high school they stop their club sports, mainly until around summer, and play their sports in high school. This is how many colleges look at student athletes to give out offers and scholarships. 

Also in education in America, mainly in high school and college, you have different people in every class allowing students to make new friends and interact with tons of people at our school. Every class period in high school and college classes we usually go to another class with a whole set of 20+ new kids. In many cases sophomores and seniors are in the same class. 

Student life in American schools is also the best. We have things like prom and homecoming. Homecoming week is the best part about being a student in America. All week long students get to dress up like characters, dress up like nerds vs. jocks, along with many other themes throughout the week. Then on the Friday night of the week students get to watch the homecoming football game. The day after that they get to dress very nicely and go to the homecoming dance. 

Education in America has many opportunities for their students. With the way school operates to homecoming and sports, American schools are the best for students with everything that they offer.