Jeers to Harry Styles. Not him exactly, but his Album of the Year award at the Grammys was questionable.

Jeers to rule breakers.

Jeers to the traffic rush at Chick-fil-A on Friday afternoons. I know you want your spicy chicken sandwich ASAP, but I want it more.

Jeers to the golf cart breaking down or running out of battery on the way to an important destination. It is not my fault I forgot to charge it. Kinda.

Jeers to rule breakers. We all do it sometimes, but there are some rules worth following. For example, use the roundabout instead of dropping off your kid in front of the “NO DROP OFF” sign. We can do better, folks.

Jeers to shin splints. There seems to be an epidemic of it on the track team, and that unfortunate malady can keep you out for weeks. Get better soon, runners!