Game of excitement

Micah Freeman, Staff Writer

Picture this. It’s a Friday night, and everything you and your team has been working on this past week is about to be put to the test. The lights are flashing, and everyone in the crowd is watching intensely. After multiple plays, it’s down to the final seconds. Your teammates are doing their absolute best and… you win! 

This feeling is what people who play game sports look for. The pure excitement from watching a team triumph after multiple practices. This is what makes game sports better than racing sports.

Nobody can do everything by themselves.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

Throughout a usual week of practice for game sports, players work on new plays and formations. This keeps them ready for anything that an opposing team can pull. All of this builds up into the game. The game acts as the ultimate test of the work you put into the sport, which makes it incredibly satisfying when you win.

The sports also teach team-building. Since players are constantly working with other people, it teaches them that nobody can do everything by themselves. Every team has somebody for each type of situation by having multiple positions to cover each. They all need to work together to succeed.

Everyone can be part of the team.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

Unlike sports like rowing, there are multiple positions in game sports. Each team has a diverse skill set. Teams can have runners, people who hit hard, and people who work on throwing and catching. So if someone is not good at running, they can be in a throwing position. It makes it so everyone can be part of the team.

 Game sports are also way more popular than most racing sports. Most people can name their favorite football team while very few can name a single thing about rowing. This popularity leads to large crowds, only adding to the excitement factor. With loads of people watching, players try harder, which leads to better results. Due to the popularity, game sports are more engaging to watch and play.

Everything considered, games are more exciting than racing.