Cheers to the drama department’s win at the Shuler’s last Thursday! They took the prize for best choreography.

Cheers to Arizona iced tea. They sell 23 fl. oz. cans for a very fair price of 99 cents. Why can’t everything be this cheap?

Cheers to Buc-ees. Yes, it’s the epitome of American commercialism. But who doesn’t want the chance to meet the friendly beaver mascot himself and pick up some caramel beaver nuggets? This is an essential detour on every road trip.

Cheers to dates tests. History teachers do not in fact make us memorize hundreds of historical dates just to make our lives harder. Knowing dates also means knowing the events they go with, which makes for better essay-writing on the exam!

Cheers to the Eras Tour. Taylor Swift is killing it on this tour, and she’ll perform in Atlanta this weekend.