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Photos of Panther alumni Bryce and Kyle Petty displayed on guidance counselor Colleen Petty’s desk. Colleen's sons both played football during their time at the Mill.

Bryce and Kyle Petty

February 26, 2020

Both of counselor Colleen Petty’s sons graduated from the Mill and went on to find successful careers in the construction industry. Even though neither b...

Kali (Gloer) Coley graduated in 2011 and attended the University of Georgia with the intent to major in broadcasting. After redirecting her career path, Coley now works for Home Depot corporate. “I think changing my career path had to do with having the opportunity to work for one of the biggest companies in the world and who has so much to offer,” Coley said.

Kali Coley

January 27, 2020

Kali Coley, history teacher Jon Gloer’s daughter, attended Starr’s Mill with aspirations of going into a journalism related career. Coley’s caree...

Physics teacher Craig Martin readies his arms to embrace his daughter Madison during graduation ceremonies for the class of 2019. This year, the Prowler looks to highlight Starr’s Mill alumni who are related to faculty and staff.

Panther Family

October 16, 2019

Those who don’t work at Starr’s Mill, often don’t realize the unique environment of the school. It something faculty and students refer to as the ...