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Golden Apple - Diane Ruane

Golden Apple – Diane Ruane

September 24, 2020

Diane Ruane is this month's recipient of the Golden Apple. She was nominated by English teacher Kelly Corallo, who felt that Ruane deserved recognition...

The passing of a hero

Caroline Hubbard, News Editor

September 20, 2020

Last Friday’s announcement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death marked the loss of the second woman ever appointed to the United States Supreme Court. It...

Choral director Dr. John Odom instructs Chanticleer from a distance. All students are separated in 6-foot intervals and required to wear masks. Studies have shown that it is safe to sing for 30 minutes without the spread of aerosol in the air. Many students have switched to virtual further reducing the risk of contact, but fewer students and strict guidelines have forced many changes and adaptations in the performing arts.

The show must go on

September 19, 2020

COVID-19 has left the student body desperate for entertainment and creativity, but nothing has gone back to normal. Like other schools, Starr’s Mill i...

The stigma around men’s mental health has been steadily worsening over the years. It is perceived, thanks to toxic masculinity, that men are less susceptible to mental health issues. By normalizing seeking help and dismantling toxic masculinity, the stigma surrounding men’s mental health can be abolished.

Opinion: Men’s mental health overlooked, toxic masculinity huge factor

September 17, 2020

Content warning: This story contains themes of suicide and mental health.  Mental health is generally seen as a taboo topic in society--it goes against that “p...

Golden Apple - August 2020

Golden Apple – August 2020

September 10, 2020

For the month of August, the Golden Apple recipient is English teacher Kelly Corallo. Corallo was selected by Chase Penland.  “The kids really respect her, they really ...

Sophomore Will Yarbrough scans the field for an open receiver during the Panthers’ game against the East Coweta Indians in Sharpsburg last Thursday. A brand new Panther offense rose up, showing tons of promise in a tight contest that ended in a 21-20 victory for East Coweta. Yarbrough made his first start as the team’s quarterback count with six pass completions for 127 yards and two touchdown passes as well as 11 carries for 25 yards. On the contrary, he still showed signs of inexperience with two lost fumbles in the second half.

‘We were gassed’

September 6, 2020

What transpired at Garland-Shoemake Stadium at East Coweta last Thursday was nothing short of the definition of football in the trenches. Starr’s Mill...

Starr’s Mill fans watch from the outfield as the Lady Panthers play Northside. Through the month of August into September, spectators have had to follow several rules and regulations implemented by the GHSA and the county. As football approaches, the school has laid out several rules to follow throughout the season to slow the spread of COVID-19. These regulations include less seating and adjustments to the student section.

Shifting into September

September 3, 2020

Through August, fall sports have been progressing in the midst of the global pandemic, and football is right around the corner. However, there have bee...

Point North, a pop-punk band based in Los Angeles, released “No One’s Listening” on Aug 19. The song describes the never-ending issues revolving around ICE and their inhumane detention centers. “No One’s Listening” goes into detail about the horrors adults and children face in their day to day lives while in the detainment centers.

A call to action

August 28, 2020

Music is by far the most effective way to send a message to the public. As long as the song is written with captivating lyrics and clean instrumentals,...

Hallway markers show the direction for student traffic to flow out of the 800 hallway. The COVID-19 pandemic has created many new changes to begin the year at Starr’s Mill. Students and faculty will have to adjust to one-way hallways, mask requirements, and a revised book bag policy.

Leonard shows the way for new school year

August 19, 2020

After being out of the building for almost six months, returning to Starr’s Mill in person seems like a foreign concept to most students. As exciting a...