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Rachel Laposka, Op-Ed Editor

Senior Rachel Laposka is a two-year member of The Prowler staff. She is the Op-Ed Editor.

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Bonnie Fraser, lead singer of Australian pop-punk band Stand Atlantic, has redefined the standards for pop-punk with the band’s most recent album, “Pink Elephant.” The new experimental sound displayed throughout the album borrows elements from other genres and blends them together with the standard pop-punk sound to create something phenomenal.

Stand Atlantic

October 11, 2020
Lynn Gunn is the sole member of alt-rock band PVRIS. In late August, PVRIS released their third full-length studio album, “Use Me.” Gunn did all of the writing, vocals, instrumentals, and mixing of the new album on her own.


October 10, 2020
Layla Brooklyn Allman’s vocals are nothing short of powerful. The lead singer of late 2000’s screamo band Picture Me Broken is able to mimic death metal and deathcore screams. Although the band has been on hiatus since 2014, Allman continues to tease new solo music.

Picture Me Broken

October 9, 2020
Paramore’s lead singer, Hayley Williams, has been in the music industry since her early teen years. Williams first started the band when she was only 16. After the release of the band’s 2017 album, Paramore went on a hiatus they have yet to return from. As of 2020, Hayley Williams has released her own solo music -- an EP titled “Petals for Armor.”


October 8, 2020
Amanda Lee Duffy--Mandy Lee--is the lead singer and front-woman of MisterWives. The band released their third studio album titled “SUPERBLOOM” in July. “SUPERBLOOM,” tells the story of Mandy Lee and drummer Etienne Bowler’s divorce.


October 7, 2020
Hannah Mee, who simply goes by Han, is one of the two vocalists in the Manchester-based pop-punk band Hot Milk. Other than vocals, Mee also plays guitar for the band. Mee is an incredibly talented vocalist who is able to freely harmonize screaming and yelling in songs.

Hot Milk

October 6, 2020
Ashley Frangipane, who goes by the stage name Halsey, has dominated the music charts for the last few years. Halsey has experimented with various styles, including rock, pop, and even dabbling briefly in rap before settling with the “alternative” label. As of lately, Halsey’s sound is progressing into something angrier as she fuels her lyrics with rage caused by various social issues.


October 5, 2020
Lzzy Hale is the lead singer of American rock band Halestorm. Hale manipulates her voice to fit the gritty, harsh sound of rock music. The talented singer is able to let out belting screams in her songs and go up in her register as she screams.


October 4, 2020
Doll Skin is an American rock band based in Phoenix, Arizona. Front-person, Sydney Dolezal, displays high-levels of talent with their wide vocal range. The band is LGBTQ+ friendly -- lead singer Dolezal is non-binary, meaning they are gender-non-conforming.

Doll Skin

October 3, 2020
Chrissy Costanza is the lead singer of the alternative-pop band Against the Current. Costanza tends to switch between her head voice and chest voice frequently in her songs. The band has written songs for the online game “League of Legends” and even a song for the popular anime, “My Hero Academia.”

Against the Current

October 2, 2020
Point North, a pop-punk band based in Los Angeles, released “No One’s Listening” on Aug 19. The song describes the never-ending issues revolving around ICE and their inhumane detention centers. “No One’s Listening” goes into detail about the horrors adults and children face in their day to day lives while in the detainment centers.

A call to action

August 28, 2020
Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor performs during a concert in May 2009. Concerts are a way of bringing fans together. With the outbreak of COVID-19, however, all concerts and other large social gatherings have come to a halt. On March 27, Nine Inch Nails released two albums back to back titled “Ghosts V: Together” and “Ghosts VI: Locusts.” The ambient albums show the different ways society can react to the current global pandemic.

Banding together

March 30, 2020
“The Last Lecture” is an autobiography about the life of author Randy Pausch, a computer science and human-computer interaction and design professor at Carnegie Mellon University. When Pausch learns he only has months left to live, he takes to lecturing one last time, educating his students on how to make the most out of life with limited time.

Panther Reads

March 7, 2020
On Feb. 14, nu-metal band Hollywood Undead released their sixth studio album titled “New Empire, Vol. 1.” Each of the nine tracks on the album tells a story, detailing the hardships of coming to terms with who you are. Lyrically, “New Empire, Vol. 1” is tamer than the band’s previous records, but the content still lives up to the edgy standard the band has gathered over time.

The revival of nu-metal

February 23, 2020
“The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath is a semi-autobiographical novel that explains the hardships young women face in the real world. The novel draws parallels between the main character, Esther Greenwood, and the author, reflecting the mental lapse Plath experienced while writing the novel.

Panther Reads

February 23, 2020
Collected Short Stories (Great Author Series)” by Leo Tolstoy features over 120 short stories. Some of the more commonly known short stories included are “Alyosha the Pot” and “Ivan the Fool.

Panther Reads

January 25, 2020
“20/20 Vision” by Anti-Flag released last Friday. The extremely political punk album brings light to varying issues in today’s society, ranging from political figures to racial stereotypes.”20/20 Vision” is an angsty album perfect for spreading social awareness.

Punk’s not dead

January 21, 2020
The poster for the Marvel Cinematic Universes first Avengers movie. In these stories the staff of the Arts and Entertainment department list favorite movies, shows, songs, albums, and books of the 2010s.

Best of the 2010s

January 14, 2020
This segment of “Panther Reads” features Chad Phillips, head coach of Starr’s Mill’s football team. Phillips describes “Killing Patton” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard as a novel focusing on uncovering the conspiracies surrounding World War II General George S. Patton Jr.’s death.

Panther Reads

December 7, 2019
Guidance counselor Colleen Petty shares the novel “Hope Heals,” a true story about a woman who suffers from an unexpected stroke and has to rebuild her life all over again. This novel shows that with a little bit of faith, you can overcome anything.

Panther Reads

November 15, 2019
As It Is, a British-American pop-punk band, released “The Great Depression: Reimagined” in its entirety on Nov. 8. The album features all of the songs from the original album, “The Great Depression” but with a different sound on every song.

Reimagined standards

November 15, 2019
Panther Reads

Panther Reads

November 2, 2019
In this segment of Panther Reads, Starr’s Mill drama teacher Savahna Silvas discusses “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. This historical fiction novel is set in occupied France during World War II and follows the story of a young girl and boy who will do whatever it takes to keep the other safe.

Panther Reads

October 5, 2019
“Nella Vita,” Grayscale’s sophomore album, was released on Sept. 6. The band blends the classic sound of pop-punk with other elements of alternative-rock to create an album that will get Grayscale the recognition they deserve.

In life with Grayscale

September 29, 2019
In this week’s episode of “Panther Reads,” Starr’s Mill English teacher Dr. Lela Crowder praises “The Book Jumper” by Mechthild Gläser. This young adult fantasy novel fills avid readers with envy as the main character, Amy, adventures through well-known novels.

Panther Reads

September 21, 2019
In this segment of “Panther Reads,” Starr’s Mill English teacher Dr. Bonnie Stanford shares the heart-wrenching young adult novel “A List of Cages.” This book covers heavy topics such as mental health and abusive families.

Panther Reads

September 6, 2019
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