Adventure-packed historical fiction novel adds a little magic

Jenna Sanders

Dana Gould, Staff Writer

It’s always great for innovative readers wishing to escape to extraordinary places to experience a magical new world, but there is truly nothing better than entering a setting with aspects of past worlds or histories. “Rebel Mechanics” transpires in a world similar to England during the colonial era where the American Revolution never occurred, leaving the British to continue ruling the thirteen colonies: this time with magic. This book uses magic, revolution, and secrecy to build suspense and reinforce the differences between the history people are familiar with and this brand new version.

“It wasn’t perfect, but it was very… imaginative and that’s what drew me to the book. I’m looking forward to reading the next one because I think the next one will [have] even stronger writing as she polishes it a little bit, but I like what [the author] did with it,” Starr’s Mill High School media center specialist Leigh Anne Hanie said.

“Rebel Mechanics” is perfect for historical fiction and fantasy fans looking for an interesting, action-packed read. While certain aspects of the book, such as the writing style and details, could be polished more, overall the characters and setting work in harmony with each other. This book creates an alternative historic world that leaves readers in eager anticipation for the second book.

Click the video above to watch staff writer Dana Gould and Hanie discuss the book.