Summertime’s sweet essentials


Lucie Belvin

This summer’s fashion essentials include slip-on Vans, flowy shorts, and big-lensed sunglasses. “I wear flowy shorts all the time in the summer,” junior Jessica Hoelle said. “I wear them with plain tank tops and sometimes t-shirt type shirts.”

Lucie Belvin, Staff Writer

Summer is all about having a great time with friends and family and taking a break from the books. It’s time for vacations, long summer days, and soaking up the sun. A few main fashion essentials will help students look stylish and trendy as they enjoy all the excitement of summer.


“Big, fun shaped sunglasses are a major summer essential for me,” junior Jessica Hoelle said. Many local boutiques carry a variety shapes, colors, and sizes. These sunglasses look great paired with some flowy, loose fitting shorts and a tank.


“Flowy” shorts, as many call them, are hitting the racks at almost every clothing shop around. These shorts are a great item to have during the hot summer temperatures.

Flowy shorts tend to not hug the legs, keeping students cool in the heat. The shorts come in many different colors and designs.


Summertime calls for dips in the pool, tanning sessions, and beach trips. Several different styles of swimsuits have gained popularity this season. Bikinis and even one-piece bathing suits are becoming a huge trend.

Some main styles of bikinis that most students are wearing this season are “wrap” bikinis, which wrap around near the stomach and tie in the back. Another popular style is high neck bikinis. Full piece bathing suits are just recently making a comeback with young teens this year.

Full piece bathing suits can be found in many different styles and colors. “One-pieces are really cute and look good in pictures,” junior Aryn Free said.


Some students may struggle trying to find the perfect top and shorts for a summer day out. Rompers eliminate this struggle.

A romper is a top and a pair of shorts combined. They are super comfortable and adorable.

“I am constantly buying rompers when I shop because they are so comfy and cute,” junior Payton McDaniel said. Rompers are not too fancy and not too casual. They are perfect for a trip to the mall, dinner at the beach, or just relaxing by the pool. They also are a nice swimsuit cover-up.


Ssekos, which are ribbon sandals, are very popular due to the fact students can change the ribbon out to a different color if needed. The sandals and ribbon are sold separately but are definitely a pair of shoes that are great for different occasions.

The other style of shoe for a more casual look are slip-on Vans. These shoes have been popular for a while but are still a necessity for summer. These come in all different colors and look most fashionable with t-shirts or casual, plain tops.

“I have three different pairs of slip-on Vans and they are so comfortable and look good with everything,” Hoelle said.