Panther Perspectives

Who is a loved one who inspires you and why?

Senior Ayaan Bakaly

I would have to say my dad, because he struggled throughout his whole life and he’s worked really hard to provide me with everything that I have today and I’m really appreciative of him for doing all that. He’s really taught me all the important life skills I need, and he’s also taught me to work hard, keep working, never give up on my dream. And so, I’m really thankful that I got to have him as my dad.

Senior Jacqueline Broderick

My sister, because she is very hardworking and honest.

Senior Erika Thomsen

My grandma, because she’s super nice and helps everyone.

Junior Hayden Dixon

My grandfather. He passed away two years ago, and I guess I didn’t know how much he had an impact on me until the funeral came around and the memorial and people started reminiscing. I truly realized how much he shaped who I am today.

Junior Rock Lin

My parents because they work really hard to get to where they are to make me, so I can have an easier life. I feel like if I don’t do better in school or end up somewhere better than they are then I can’t really make it up to them because they worked that hard to make sure we have a better life. That really motivates me to be better.

Junior Amanda Robinson

My dad inspires me, because the moment after the 9/11 attacks happened he went and enrolled in the military. He is now a really high ranking officer, so he is really dedicated to our country.

Sophomore Blake Fenton

I would say my mom, because she’s taught me a lot of things and she’s made a really big effect on my life.

Sophomore Will Hampson

Someone who inspires me would be my sister because she’s really hard-working and successful. I aspire to be more like her, and I look up to her as a role model.

Sophomore Kyan Hendrie

My older brother Jayden. He has his whole life sorted out. He’s in college at the moment and balancing a lot, and he just looks very responsible.

Freshman Nash Glover

Someone who I love and inspires me is my mom because she does so much for me.

Freshman Emmi Peckham

My little sister Maryn. She’s super positive.

Freshman Kenya Sharp

My grandma because she is a Christian and strong in her faith.