Panther Perspectives

What class have you taken so far at Starr’s Mill that you think will benefit you the most in the future?

Senior Kelly Fox

AP macroeconomics with Mr. DeCourcy because he’s taught me about economics, which I’m going to need when I’m older, and how to work the system.

Senior Jonathon Higle

Tenth grade [literature and composition] because my teacher challenged me that year to think outside the box when analyzing different situations.

Senior Kate Wieland

I would say anatomy has helped me the most. As someone who wants to enter the medical field in college this fall, it has sets me up for background knowledge and helpful notes for the future.

Junior Mitchell Burrus

I would say audio-video [technology] will benefit me the most, because I want to take film and video editing in the future.

Junior Lilah Gapp

I would say 10th grade English because I genuinely learned how to write better.

Junior Greg Patterson

Audio-video [technology] because I plan on taking film and industry in the future.

Sophomore Rebecca Lanson

“Food nutrition and wellness because it keeps me aware that I need to eat healthy and have healthy eating habits.

Sophomore Matthew Little

Probably drama because that’s what I want to pursue in life. Mrs. Kuykendall is a really great teacher, and we get to work with other professionals in the industry. We get a lot of insight on it, and we’re getting a lot of skills that will help us, those of us who want to pursue it.

Sophomore Jeremiah Stuart

Math because later in life when I do bills and taxes, I can do them really fast because I know what I’m doing.

Freshman Zahara Castillo

The class that I’m taking right now that will benefit me the most is child care, because I want to be a pediatrician in the future. It also helps me take care of my nephews at home.

Freshman Ava Mossman

I think early childhood development will help me the most because it will teach me skills like patience I can use with others.

Freshman Leah Wheeler

Child care class because I want to be a teacher when I’m older. It will really help me be a teacher and teach young children. It makes me learn more about children, how they develop, and how to teach them good behavior.