Indoor workouts for winter


Photo via Joanna Dubaj under Creative Commons license

More often that not, cold weather poses undesirable conditions to exercise in. Fortunately, there are are various methods for individuals to maintain their fitness routines indoors.

Ximena Bejarano, Features co-Editor

As the weather outside turns frigid, getting one’s workouts in oftentimes becomes a difficult task to fulfill. When the go-to options of going on a morning run and playing outdoor sports are both eliminated, one is forced to investigate alternative ways of exercising in order to maintain fitness. Fortunately, those looking to exercise this winter have several methods of doing so. By engaging in the following activities, one can embark on a fitness journey without checking each day’s weather report.

Exercise machine workouts

For those who can afford a gym membership, whether it be at World Gym or Snap Fitness, taking advantage of a gym’s exercise equipment offers various benefits. While treadmills allow its users to imitate the action of running outside and maintain their elevated heart rates, elliptical trainers are successful in providing a full body workout without the impact of running. Each machine targets different areas of the body, which gives users freedom in creating a workout plan that strengthens their muscles in various areas. Additionally, most fitness machines are able to keep track of one’s workout and calories burned.

Indoor sports

Whether it be basketball or racquetball, there are numerous indoor sports that are physically exhilarating to play. Even sports that normally take place in an outside setting, such as soccer and tennis, can still be as equally rewarding to play inside. For an inexpensive fee, one can easily grab a friend and bond while exercising at a local recreational or sports center. Local options include the Bridge Community Center, Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center, and Peachtree City Tennis Center.


One does not have to be a professional ballet dancer to reap the physical benefits of dancing. While actively participating in a dance team certainly has its advantages, there are countless of ways for those with a lack of experience to advantage from dancing. One of the most popular ways to gain physical strength through dancing is by taking a Zumba class. By playing energizing music throughout class and teaching a variety of dance moves, such as hip-hop to salsa, Zumba instructors successfully create a fun atmosphere where one does not even realize they are working out. Zumba classes are typically offered in fitness centers, including local options such as World Gym Fayette, Starr’s Mill Snap Fitness, and Fitness 54.


While yoga is not physically intense as other activities, it is perfect for those who are looking obtain benefits beyond fitness. Yoga, whether it is done in a studio or at home, is excellent for improving one’s flexibility, muscle tone, and overall vitality. For those who are looking to shed pounds through yoga, hot yoga is known for burning more calories in comparison to regular yoga. Journey Through Movement Yoga Studio in Peachtree City is a local studio that teaches different levels of yoga in a relaxing, quaint atmosphere. Another option for yoga or pilates is Proper Pilates Studio in Peachtree City.

At-Home Workouts

While one might normally imagine themselves getting exercise in a gym or area specifically geared toward fitness, working out at home is also a viable option. By performing stair exercises, cleaning around the house, or merely jogging in place, one can easily get some exercise without the hassle of leaving the house. One can additionally implement brief exercises at home, such as doing crunches before showering or squats before going to bed. Because there are so many exercises that require nothing but one’s effort, the opportunities to workout at home are endless.

Regardless of the harsh weather, there are still plenty of ways to maintain one’s fitness. By investigating the options above, those interested in exercise can continue to engage in their routines and have an enjoyable time while doing so.