Falling into autumn fashion

Fall has officially started and the change in weather has created a need for a transition in the Mill’s wardrobe. It’s time to flip your closets from shorts and t-shirts to sweaters and leggings.

Emma Posey
Comfortable blouses, light jackets, jeans, and slip-on shoes, are essential for staying on trend during autumn. By adding deep colors and long sleeves into their wardrobe, students at the Mill will be able to transition into the new styles of the season.

Blouses with fun and different sleeves have stayed on trend for most of the summer and will continue into the autumn months. Peplum tops have also begun to make a comeback. Deep purples and muted oranges have graced the page of many fashion magazines, and I believe we will begin to see these colors more often as the season progresses.

Though the Mill’s dress code has strict rules on holes in jeans, extremely distressed denim pants paired with a denim jacket would be great for the fall season. Straight legged pants worn with a vintage graphic tee fall right in line with the comfortable chic trend seen around Starr’s Mill.

Jackets and sweaters will also start to come into style as the temperature starts to cool down. Jean jackets and bomber jackets are being sold by popular stores like Target and American Eagle. Students are pulling out their long, fuzzy sweaters as well. Paired with some leggings and a t-shirt, this makes for a perfect fall outfit while keeping the wearer comfortable during the long school day.

Straight legged pants worn with a vintage graphic tee fall right in line with the comfortable chic trend seen around Starr’s Mill.”

— Staff Writer Emma Posey

Accessorizing is key when it comes to finishing off your fall style. Layered necklaces and hoop earrings can pull an outfit together without the entire ensemble look seeming over the top. Slip-on shoes and lifestyle tennis shoes can add to a comfortable look while staying trendy and cute.

Shopping at stores like American Eagle, Lizard Thicket, Unhinged Boutique, and Target allow students at Starr’s Mill to stay on trend while not emptying out their wallets. These stores offer a wide array of styles that any student could wear to keep up with the most recent and popular looks while staying true to their own style.

The transition from summer to fall fashion has been highly anticipated and now that it’s finally here, students at the Mill are jumping head first into the new trends. As the season continues, clothing styles will further develop to fit the changing weather and mood of autumn.