Bundling up for bonfires


Emma Posey

Achieving the perfect balance of comfortable and cute styles is essential for hangouts with your friends this fall. From flannels and mom jeans to bold leggings and sweaters, the outfit options are never-ending.

The weather in Peachtree City has drastically cooled off in the past week and bonfire season is upon us. A bonfire is a perfect way to hangout with friends, eat good food, and take cute fall pictures. While browsing your closet, do not feel overwhelmed. I am sure there are plenty of clothing items you already own that could work in this certain situation.

[Leggings] with mesh cutouts, interesting patterns, and different colors are all the rage this fall.

— Staff Writer Emma Posey

Bonfires are casual get togethers and the key is to dress comfortably. Mom jeans are the perfect way to start your outfit. This frequently worn style of denim hugs your hips but gives your legs room to breathe, making them the perfect pant for a laid-back evening. Boringly plain leggings are a no-go this year. Ones with mesh cutouts, interesting patterns, and different colors are all the rage this fall. Leggings like these help you to stay comfortable and warm, without looking drab.

Pairing your trendy pants with the correct shirt is essential. Layering tops is a must in order to stay warm this fall. Over-sized sweaters are on trend and wearing one over a favorite t-shirt creates the perfect look. Flannel shirts are always a must have for the autumn seasons. Wear one as a jacket over a t-shirt or sweater for an easy-going look that keeps you warm.

Bring your look together with your favorite fuzzy socks, tennis shoes, and simple jewelry, and you are good to go. These laid-back looks are easy to create and do not have to break the bank.

Be creative with what you already own and shop at stores that are affordable, like thrift stores. Enjoy hanging out with your friends and eat a ‘smore or two in your stylish fall look!