Head over heels

Thanksgiving trends


Emma Posey

It’s time to start planning your Thanksgiving outfits. Depending on what kind of look and comfort level you are going for, there are plenty of trendy options for everyone this fall.

The holiday season is almost here and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Preparations are being made for family get-togethers and plentiful feasts on this day of thanks. Whether your family takes their Christmas card pictures  or you just want to show off your awesome sense of style to your relatives, looking good and fresh is important during this holiday season.

Football, an abundance of food, and being surrounded by family are staples of Thanksgiving. If you are stuck between tossing the football with your cousins in the backyard or gossiping with your aunts in the kitchen, you may be distressed and frustrated with deciding what outfit to wear. Have no fear! There are plenty of versatile options that give you the best of both worlds.

Over-sized sweaters with turtleneck or cowl collars are on trend this fall. Sweaters with color block patterns and muted, fall colors elevate a look. Shirts with a large and flowy cut are also on trend this fall. You could also never go wrong with a flannel shirt. Whether you tie it around your waist or wear it as a jacket, this classic choice will never go out of style.

You could also never go wrong with a flannel shirt. Whether you tie it around your waist or wear it as a jacket, this classic choice will never go out of style.

— Staff Writer Emma Posey

Pair your cute blouse with the perfect pair of pants. Flared jeans are making a comeback. They give your look a vintage vibe and work perfectly with almost any type of shirt. You could also never go wrong with a comfortable pair of ripped mom jeans. Skirts, no matter the style, color, or print, are also fun and comfortable. Jumpsuits are on trend this fall as well. Solid color jumpsuits with a tied-up sweater thrown over give you a look that is both comfortable and chic.

Accessories are everything this fall. Say goodbye to your statement necklaces and grab a trendy pair of statement earrings instead. A small, neutral colored purse gives you handy access to your phone when you want to take pictures with your cousins but it will not draw attention away from your outfit. There are many options when it comes to shoes. Booties with a small heel are a great option for this busy holiday. Get some in a neutral color and you can continue to wear them after the holidays. Throwing on a pair of slip-on shoes allows you to be comfortable and stylish.

No matter your style, there is an outfit option for everyone. Whether you decide to have a wardrobe change during the day or you stay in one outfit, the styles this fall are versatile and bring comfort to a look without taking away the trendiness.

Enjoy your time spent with family and friends this Thanksgiving. Eat a lot of good food and take tons of cute pictures in your stylish outfits.