Head over heels

Spring cleaning


Emma Posey

Spring is officially upon us and as the weather changes so should our wardrobe. Spring cleaning should include our closets. When getting rid of old clothes, consider donating to organizations like Goodwill or selling them to stores like Plato’s Closet.

Emma Posey, Staff Writer

Spring has officially sprung! This time of year is perfect for starting over and revamping your wardrobe.

While some trends are here to last, others need to go. It’s time to participate in spring cleaning and rid your closet of fashion that needs to stay in the past.

Shoes are an important piece of any outfit and can truly make or break a look. I love that people have begun to get bold with their shoe choices, but some just are not doing it for me anymore.

Crocs, created in 2002, were a staple in my elementary school days. I regret to say that I owned several pairs. Though my past cannot be changed, I can make a difference in the future of fashion.

Crocs should have stayed dead when they finally fell out of the fashion scene. Birkenstocks and Chacos are a better alternative to the former boat shoe.

Platform sneakers are another trend that should stay in the past. Though these shoes are bold, they are more flashy than trendy for a school environment. Bulky and hideously styled, these shoes are a bad remix of 2008 dad shoes. Try a platform sandal this spring, or, for a more comfortable tennis shoe, choose a plain style in a funky color.

It’s time to participate in spring cleaning and rid your closet of fashion that needs to stay in the past.

— Staff Writer Emma Posey

Speaking of shoes, socks are a perfect accessory that can express an individual in a more subtle way than shoes can. One sock trend that should not stay this spring is the mid-calf sock trend.

In middle school, boys began to develop this look where they pulled their on-brand socks up as high as they could go with their tennis shoes and Khaki shorts. While this may have been popular a few years ago, this look has since fizzled out and should no longer be worn.

Rather than tall socks, choose a pair of no-shows or ankle length socks with a cool pattern or interesting print that pairs well with your choice of shoe.

Pants are another category for complaint. Leggings are a major part of most closets and while I am all about comfort, cropped leggings must go. There is something about the aesthetic they give that is unpleasing. Full-length leggings are definitely the way to go.

Low-waisted jeans are another trend that should have died a long time ago. These pants hit at an awkward spot on the hips and, unless styled with the perfect shirt, make for a strange outfit. High-waisted jeans, on the other hand, give the wearer endless options.

Make room for the new and upcoming trends by purging your closet. When doing so, consider donating your good condition or lightly-worn clothes to a thrift store like Goodwill or Clothes Less Traveled.