Golden Apple – Ashley Collins

February 2021


Annika Pepper

This month’s winner of the Farmers Insurance Golden Apple Award is Ashley Collins. She was nominated by fellow teacher Emily Sweeney for her ability to create relationships with her students and make them feel at home.

The Golden Apple award for this month goes to English teacher Ashley Collins. Last month’s recipient Emily Sweeney and her students agreed Collins was the best candidate for the award given her ability to build a strong rapport with students.

“[Students] said she was organized, personable, and that they really enjoyed her class,” Sweeney said.

Collins’ strategy of teaching has always been prioritizing a relationship with her students. She wants all of her students to know that someone cares for them and is willing to listen. 

“People are more important than the subject matter, hands down,” Collins said. 

Collins’ love for helping others carries over into her day-to-day life. She is involved in Club 2.0, a local group for individuals with disabilities, and helps host Jesus Prom. Due to COVID-19, the event has been cancelled for 2020 and 2021. 

Collins has kept in contact with her 10th grade World History teacher Tony Pattiz who served as a role model for her teaching career. He had a creative way of teaching, which served as her inspiration.

“He made me look at education differently,” Collins said. 

As the winner of the Golden Apple award, Collins receives $100 from Farmers Insurance to spend in the classroom. She wants the funds to go to her students, not herself. Still up for debate, Collins is considering getting a coffee maker for her classroom. It will be available to anyone who wants to use it. 

Collins also gets one large pizza from Buck’s, a gift certificate for Lisa’s Crêperie in Senoia, and a free haircut from Mane Hair.