Golden Apple – Robin Huggins

March 2021


Annika Pepper

Robin Huggins received the Golden Apple Award from Farmers Insurance for the second time in her teaching career. She prioritizes a connection with her students and the engagement of her classes through collaboration.

Robin Huggins is this month’s Golden Apple recipient. A previous recipient of the award, Huggins was selected for her passion and extended commitment to Starr’s Mill. 

“Huggins embodies what every teacher should be,” English teacher Ashley Collins said.

Collins, last month’s Golden Apple recipient, chose Huggins for her ability to strike relationships with her students. Both teachers have similar strategies, and prioritizing students is important.

Retired teacher Dan Gant mentored Huggins during her first few years at the Mill. Later, he taught anatomy and supervised her as science department chair. 

“I teach 100% to hang out with my kids,” Huggins said.

Last semester under COVID-19 protocols challenged Huggins and her preference for collaborative learning. Every year, she tries to learn every student’s first names and a small characteristic about them. She does this to promote individuality in her classes, which in turn promotes student interest and work ethic.

“I found out that kids will do a lot for you if they know you care about them,” Huggins said.

Farmers Insurance gifts winners of the Golden Apple $100 to spend in their classroom or for teaching necessities. Having received the award last school year, Huggins has no need for new supplies. Instead, she has asked fellow science teachers to voice needs for their classrooms. 

Huggins will also receive one large pizza from Buck’s, a gift certificate for Lisa’s Crêperie in Senoia, and a free haircut from Mane Hair in Peachtree City.