Golden Apple – Laura Harbin

January 2022


Annika Pepper

Laura Harbin was awarded the Golden Apple award from Farmers Insurance and agent Tim Monihan. Harbin teaches English and literature to TRIAD students, and was nominated for her passion for teaching.

Abi Carter, Editor

This month’s Golden Apple recipient is learning specialist Laura Harbin. She teaches English to TRIAD students in a comfortable and flexible environment.

Lauren Kuykendall nominated Harbin for her obvious passion for teaching. She takes interest in every individual student, always rooting for their success. 

“Often she deals with difficult students,” Kuykendall said. “She’s always willing to fight for those who need help.”

Harbin’s philosophy of education primarily revolves around a close bond with her students. She takes avid interest in their identity, their interests, and life outside of class.

“If you know your students personally, teaching a subject you’re passionate about is a lot easier,” Harbin said.  

Harbin is passionate about awareness in the Autism community and inclusion for all students, tying this with her love of English and literature. She has personal interest in Gothic works and Edgar Allen Poe, and loves teaching the subject.

Farmers Insurance is giving Harbin $100 to use in her classroom. With the money, she has ideas for more flexible seating, but might add to her book collection.