Panther Perspectives

If you could be any teacher for a day, who would you want to be?

Freshman R.J. Atchison

I would be Coach Penland because he gets to go everywhere. He gets to go outside. Then after two class periods, he goes to another class and he works weight training.

Freshman Nick Madison

If I were a teacher for a day I would be Coach Phillips, because he teaches weight training and that’s easy.

Freshman William Robinson

I would be Coach Waller, because he just gets to sit down and watch the kids play.

Sophomore Kate Hamilton

Mrs. Leanza because she’s really nice and chemistry is cool.

Sophomore McAlister Stanford

I would be Mrs. Rickeard because she has all of those notes packets and it looks so much fun to stand up there and stare at us as we take the notes. Like, not fun, obviously, but you can say literally whatever you want, and the students will take it as facts because she’s a history teacher! She could say, ‘oh, Francis Bacon actually had seven wives,’ and we’d be like, ‘wow, we didn’t know that!’ Also, the best style; I love her aesthetic.”

Sophomore Carter Stevens

I would be Mr. Bell because he teaches through a website and doesn’t have to stand and talk to us, so I could just sit at his desk all day.

Junior Sarah Bliel 

I would be Mrs. Via. She gets to play with kids all day, which is very fun.

Junior Elise Gimpert

If I were to be a teacher, I would be Mr. Kufchak. He teaches orchestra and it’s a fun and creative class.

Junior Jada Powell

I would want to be Mrs. Williams for a day, because she teaches kids how to cook, which sounds so much fun.

Senior Olivia Price

Mrs. [Kuykendall] because she is really sweet and talented. She has taught me a lot about theatre, and this program is really amazing. I’m going to theatre school after high school because of her.

Senior Shawn Ryberg

I’d be Mr. Little, because he probably has the most fun class to teach.

Senior Ella Stadelmeyer

I would want to be Mr. King, because I want to be a future band director myself and I love music.