Panther Perspectives

If you woke up one day in a ‘Freaky Friday’ situation, waking up in your parent’s body, what would you do?

Freshman Megan Richey

I’d just go to work.

Freshman Ansley Strandburg

I would fly a plane, because my dad is a pilot.

Freshman Madeline Therriault

I would scream.

Sophomore Tani Alofe

I would freak out and probably just go back to sleep hoping it would fix itself. 

Sophomore Heaven Johnson

I would marry Kanye West.

Sophomore Karla Plymel 

If I were to switch with my mom the first thing I’d want to do is try her field of work because it’s very interesting and unique and I’d want to know how it would suit me. 

Junior Jillian Burke

I would drive out of state because my parents don’t allow me to.

Junior Tyler Canales

I would skip school.

Junior Rin Ridgeway

I would use [my mom’s] money to buy new clothes.

Senior Carrie Consolino

I would sleep all day, and I would send my kids off to school, like they send me off to school, I would force them to go to school and all that stuff, and if they asked me to bring them lunch of course I would cause I would want that as a kid.

Senior Evan Nuki

Honestly, I would go to McDonald’s and get a McFlurry, and then buy some drinks.

Senior Julia Shanahan 

Give me money, give their daughter money.