Panther Perspectives

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Freshman Jataevion Arrington Finley 

Thin Mints, because when they are cold they are the best to eat with milk, and when they are warm they are the best to eat with milk.

Freshman Scarlett Goudy

My favorite Girl Scout cookie is Adventurefuls, because they are very flavorful and have a good texture.

Freshman Zach Lock

Thin Mints, because they are cool and refreshing.

Sophomore Lauren McSpadden 

I like the Samoas, because I love coconut and chocolate. This cookie just blends the two brilliantly.

Sophomore Kara Simpson 

My favorite Girl Scout cookie is probably the Tagalong, because it reminds me of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. In my opinion, chocolate and peanut butter is the best flavor combination.

Sophomore Hannah Ukleja 

My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Samoas, because I love that they are one of the original ones. I love the combination of the coconut and chocolate.

Junior Lindsay Chasey

Samoas, because they [contain] coconut. 

Junior Daniel Diaz

Samoas, because I like the taste of coconut. 

Junior Cody Huffhines

Samoas, because they are crunchy and chocolate.

Senior Kaylee Lutz

Samoas, because [they are] yummy in my tummy.

Senior Rosa Pompeo

My favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Samoa one, because it has coconut on it.

Senior Miles Scott

Samoas are the best one, because I like the flavor of them. The caramel is really good, too.