Junior Madison Martin sparks opportunities for creative writers


Shelby Foster

Junior Madison Martin explains her ideas for the new writing group to two students. The group will hold its first meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Sep. 15 at the Peachtree City Library in the readers and writers room.

Emma Posey, Staff Writer

Junior Madison Martin is the leader of the creative writing revolution in Fayette County. Starting a new group for young writers has been her goal for the start of the school year. Martin enjoyed being in the creative writing classes taught by English teachers Justin Spencer and Jillian Bowen at the Mill, but she has seen multiple students have to make the difficult decision between taking the writing class or another elective. Martin believes that an after school creative writing group will allow students to express themselves without making their schedules too full.  

“I personally want to have a group of people that I can go to and get second opinions on my works without the frustration and judgement from my peers,” Martin said.

School isn’t just about the classes but about the other activities that inspire and excite students…

— retired English teacher Susan Samson

Peachtree City Library’s librarian Rebecca Watts believes that with this group, students have the opportunity to express themselves without having the pressure of grades or be intimidated by the process of sharing their work with peers.  Martin, Watts and Susan Samson, a former English teacher, agree that this is going to be a unique learning experience and open new doors into careers that the students will be amazed by.

“School isn’t just about the classes but about the other activities that inspire and excite students and perhaps help them make some decisions about the paths they want to pursue as they go forward in life,” Samson said. “When students share their experiences everyone benefits.”

The club will be formatted like a writers’ round table, which is a circle of authors who critique and read each other’s works. Students from around Fayette County can submit their works to Samson each month, who will then respond to each submission individually. Then, all of the compiled submissions will be sent out to every participant of that month and at the meeting everyone will discuss each other’s works.

This group is meant to be a constructive, fun, energizing activity,” Samson said. “The kind of feedback that we’ll focus on will have to do with the group’s reaction to each piece.” The group will provide constructive criticism and general feedback for each work that may help a writer clarify meaning, find a voice, organize the piece, choose stronger vocabulary, and they will discuss specific questions that the writer might have about his or her piece.

Martin has corresponded with Watts and Samson and both are on board, qualified and ready to help Martin get this group up and running.

Watts has opened up the public library so that it can be useful for the teen writers group. She is excited that something like this is being started by a student who has seen a problem and is willing to do what it takes to fix it. Watts thinks this group will be a good way for students to “have a good time and not feel intimidated by the process at all.”

Samson retired from teaching a few years ago. When Martin proposed the idea of creating a writer’s group for teens, Samson immediately wanted to mentor the group. “I think that for teens who are interested, having the opportunity to write creatively and share their writing with like-minded people without the pressure of grades could be a fun and rewarding experience,” Samson said. “I’d like this group to be of and for the students. It will be our group and I’ll be willing to take it in the direction that the students want to go, I’m really looking forward to it.”

The group will meet at the Peachtree City Library in the Reader’s and Writer’s room on the third Thursday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. It will consist of a dinner provided by attendees and a critique session. The club is open to any student in the county.