Plans formulating for Starr’s Mill hall of fame


Daniella Vivas

The hallway in the front office displays more than 15 previous athletic accomplishments awarded to the Mill. The location for the hall of fame is being pushed back two years. This delay will allow enough time for an official hall of fame committee to be formed. The committee will be responsible for nominating future inductees and setting a definite location for the display.

Daniella Vivas, Features co-Editor

Whether it be sports or fine arts, Starr’s Mill offers opportunities for all students with different interests to pursue their passion. The Mill now wants to recognize the achievements of the alumni that have gone off to make a name for themselves, sparking the idea for a hall of fame.

“By introducing a hall of fame I hope it inspires current Starr’s Mill students while also inclusively  highlighting any and all previous alumni’s successes,” assistant principal and athletic director Sandy Martin said.

With the graduation of the class of 2017, the Mill will celebrate the completion of its twentieth year as a public high school.  This milestone also will also bring a mandatory renovation in the summer of 2017. Walls will be painted, floor and ceiling tiles will be replaced, and gym athletic banners will be revamped. Martin wanted to add the hall of fame during the construction period but a location dilemma prevents her from doing so.

The original plan was to start the preparation for it this coming summer, but after some consideration from the prospective hall of fame committee, they decided to push the project back two years so that a full class would graduate from the Mill.

“In preparation for the hall of fame and school renovations I developed an idea, that is yet to be approved, called my 18-19 20-20 vision. [The vision references] the 20 year milestone of the first graduating class of the Mill, which would include redoing the gym banners and possibly make room for the hall of fame in the gym entry way, ” Martin said.

This idea is yet to be approved by the committee or administration.