Dinner with the PALS


Aelise Gagliano

PALS inspires students to joke and hang out together. “The event allowed students to make small talk to those sitting near who they may not know,” learning specialist Jodi Christensen said.

Jacob Hunt, Staff Writer

The Peers Are Linking Students club enjoyed a fine dinner on Jan. 24 at the Peachtree City Chili’s. The event allowed the club’s members to get to know one another better and gave the students in Courtney Savage’s career-based vocational instruction class a chance to practice ordering at a restaurant. “We had never done a dinner outing before and felt that it would be a good experience for students to use all their social skills,” learning specialist Jodi Christensen said.

Aelise Gagliano
The PALS club enjoys a meal together. The event improved important life skills, including tipping and paying a bill, for all the attendees.

PALS members give Starr’s Mill’s special education students a chance to hangout with other members of the student body. The club invites all students to come and get to know these inspiring individuals. “The event gave students a chance to meet others in a setting outside of school,” Christensen said.  

The Chili’s event allowed students to mingle with each other over a meal and not worry about the social cliques formed in school. The event even encouraged new friendships among both new and old members. “We were a diverse group that attended – teachers, regular education students and special education students – including those from Courtney Savage’s self-contained class,” Christensen said.