‘Spoof’ holiday concert carols its way to the Mill


Aelise Gagliano

Students in adaptive curriculum specialist Courtney Savage’s class give the crowd one last pose before the show ends. This year, the students designed a ‘spoof’ holiday concert to help show off their individual personalities and entertain the crowd.

Isabella Dager, News co-Editor

Adaptive curriculum specialist Courtney Savage and students wished everyone happy holidays with their ‘spoof’ holiday Christmas show.

“I couldn’t stop laughing, it was one of their most memorable performances. Everyone was having a great time singing along,” principal Allen Leonard said.

Every year, Savage’s students pick the songs and the theme for the concert. The students rehearsed for two weeks prior to performing their show in the Willie Duke Auditorium in front of a crowd of students, parents, and school personnel.

This year’s show, titled “A Spoof Holiday Christmas Concert,” consisted of old Christmas classics with a few comedic twists. The “spoof” theme let the audience know that is was supposed to be funny and not as serious as the others.

“It’s really great to watch the kids perform and see their personalities shine through, and even just watching them laugh is a great feeling,” Savage said.

Eight years ago, Savage started the special music program as a collaborative effort between her class and the choral department so that students with special needs can work fine arts into their schedules. Each week throughout the year, the students work with Christy Todd, the choral director at Rising Starr Middle School.

“This has to be one of my favorite Christmas shows,” Savage said. “The energy in the crowd was great and my students put a smile on everyone’s faces.”

Click here to watch the full performance.