Giving the gift of time


Kristen Sherman

Each year, the Parent Teacher Student Organization shows its appreciation for the Mill’s teachers and all they do for the school. This year, the PTSO is showing appreciation by giving them the gift of time by wrapping their gifts.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

This week, the Starr’s Mill Parent Teacher Student Organization is having its second holiday gift wrapping service. The purpose of the PTSO gift wrapping is to give teachers the gift of time, showing appreciation for the time and effort they dedicate to Starr’s Mill.

“We appreciate what [teachers] do for our kids each and everyday, and [the PTSO] wants to acknowledge it by giving them time [time to spend more time with their families],” PTSO Teacher Appreciation Coordinator Ann Buck said.

The members of the Starr’s Mill PTSO came up with the idea of gift wrapping last year. So far, it has been a great service for teachers, especially those with young children who previously spent time away from their families by wrapping presents. The PTSO collects wrapping materials and meets in December to help wrap the teachers’ gifts.  

Last year, approximately 50 volunteers wrapped a total of nearly 1,000 presents. Over 60 teachers took part in the opportunity to have their gifts wrapped for them, bringing in 15-18 items each. Parents who were unable to help wrap gifts had the option to donate supplies such as wrapping paper, bows, labels and tape.

In the beginning of December, teachers have two weeks to sign up to have their gifts wrapped. Although teachers are able to sign up later, the PTSO encourages them to sign up early in order to accommodate for time and supplies. Once the teachers’ labeled gifts are brought in, PTSO volunteers set aside four to six days to wrap them in the front office’s conference room.

“We counted before we wrapped them and after we wrap them, so we don’t lose any presents,” PTSO Teacher Appreciation Coordinator Tammy Pattison said.

The PTSO will finish wrapping gifts before teachers are off for the holiday break.