Spanish Club gives a Feliz Navidad to those in need


Shelby Foster

Students work to sort and pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Boxes like these are sent to locations around the world to give supplies and toys to children in need.

Valen Yeager, Staff Writer

“It shows kids that they aren’t alone in the world and that people love them and want to help,” Spanish teacher Shayne Thompson said.

Around the country, there are many organizations that work to provide people in need with supplies, especially around the holidays. Operation Christmas Child is a program that is run by Samaritan’s Purse, a charitable Evangelical Christian organization that works in many different countries around the globe. This year, Starr’s Mill’s Spanish Club helped with Operation Christmas Child by not only collecting money, gifts, and other essentials for those in need, but also sorting, packaging, and shipping boxes to those in need.

“It is important to me because it is a good thing to give back to others that are not as fortunate as I am,” sophomore and member of Spanish Club Ally Marshall said.

On Nov. 9, approximately 45 student volunteers in Thompson’s room worked to sort all of the gifts for kids ages between 2 through 4, 5 through 9 and 10 through 14 years old. After they sorted out all of the toys and essentials into age groups, they packed 26 boxes overall, which surpassed their original goal by 6. The boxes were then packaged and sent off for delivery to Central and South American countries.

“It has become a tradition for Spanish Club to help with Operation Christmas Child so it means a lot to us to be able to give back,” Spanish Club President Bryce Smith said.