Econ class tomahawk chops Milestone preparations


Shelby Foster

Dr. Chris Cannon, program manager for the Georgia Council on Economic Education, teaches Walt Ellison’s fourth period economics class about how tickets were priced at Turner Field and how they will be priced at Suntrust Park. Cannon reveals the economics behind the Atlanta Braves, one of GCEE’s biggest partners.

Morgan Evans, Sports Editor

As the Braves prepare for opening week at Suntrust Park on April 14, economics students at Starr’s MIll look to end their season in Walt Ellison’s fourth period class with a homerun on the Georgia Milestones End-of-Course Assessment. The final preparations for this year’s test came out of left field last Friday when two representatives from the Atlanta Braves and two members of the Georgia Council on Economic Education came to Starr’s Mill to teach Ellison’s class about real world economics.

“We are always looking for an interesting economic story and the Braves have a fantastic story,” GCEE program manager Dr. Chris Cannon said. “They are a great economic powerhouse for this state, so it’s a good move for us to help them out.”

Shelby Foster
Principal Allen Leonard stepped into Ellison’s class to watch Braves representatives and GCEE members interact with students. Part of the Braves’ community outreach program involves partnering with GCEE to create learning opportunities that combine curriculum and day-to-day business operations.

Friday’s lesson plan explored how tickets were priced at Turner Field, and how they are going to be priced at Suntrust Park. They had to determine how to price their tickets based on certain obstacles, such as the time of the game, the opponent, time of year, and whether or not there was a promotion involved.

“We think it’s a good way to hook some people into economics that may not have thought about it in that way before,” Cannon said.

Dr. Cannon and soon-to-be executive director of GCEE Mike Raymer, former econ teachers in Fayette County, work with current teachers in developing lesson plans for their students. Friday was a special occasion for GCEE, as they normally work solely with teachers.  However, for this event, they partnered with the Braves foundation who helps them raise money to create workshops for teachers.

“The focus today was to share our relationship with the Braves,” Cannon said. “They are out looking for ways to reach out to classrooms and make a connection with students.”

The Braves representatives who visited Starr’s Mill work in the community outreach program. During the Braves’ season, they visit hospitals with players, as well as raise awareness in the community. During the offseason, the representatives focus on promoting education.

“[GCEE] has a lot of data that says ‘when kids do the lessons from our workshops and they are actively involved, it helps their Milestone scores’,” Ellison said.

Starr’s Mill students will take Georgia Milestone end-of-course assessments the week of April 24. Milestones will be administered in eight subjects and account for 20% of each student’s final semester average in the course.