Leader of today meets with leaders of tomorrow


Kristen Sherman

Students from Mark DeCourcy’s and Walt Ellison’s economics classes pose for a photograph with Representative Drew Ferguson. Ferguson met with the students to discuss modern economics and political concerns.

Jacob Hunt, Staff Writer

The economics classes received an interesting opinion on modern economics and politics when Representative Drew Ferguson came and talked to them on May 12. Ferguson, the House Representative for the third congressional district in Georgia, came to Starr’s Mill to tell the story of his mayorship in West Point, Ga. and the jobs he created with the building of a KIA Plant. “After the KIA plant, families are moving towards middle class in West Point and out of poverty,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson explained to students the importance of textiles in America and why the workforce is needed in American economics. He also answered questions on the current issues being discussed in Washington, such as climate change, tax codes, and the argument on big or small businesses in communities. “The great thing about America,” Ferguson said, “is we are always looking forward.”

The great thing about America is we are always looking forward.

— Rep. Drew Ferguson

The representative also discussed some important qualities students need to make it into a field of politics. “You have to put others ahead of yourself,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson broke down what communities are looking for in businesses today. The list used several components to make any business exceed in a community’s market:

  • Give correct tax credits
  • Give back to the community
  • Make sure the workforce is educated.

Ferguson used the list to explain the importance of the KIA plant that he brought to West Point, Ga. He also used it to show how he is trying to bring back jobs that moved overseas.

The conclusion of the presentation allowed students to hear some of the needed jobs in the current American workforce. Ferguson advised students moving into the workforce or to various colleges to consider careers and degrees in cyber security, advanced manufacturing, or healthcare. Cyber security was especially emphasized because 60,000 job openings are available in that category today.

Whatever the career students choose, however, the presentation advised young adults to strengthen their leadership skills before starting new careers. “Become a leader at your university, job, church, etc.,” Ferguson said.