Assistant principal Sandy Martin waves goodbye to the Mill


Aelise Gagliano

As the student section cheers behind her, assistant principal and athletic director Sandy Martin watches the home basketball game against McIntosh.

Isabella Dager, News co-Editor

After nine years at Starr’s Mill, assistant principal and athletic director Sandy Martin will retire at the end of this school year. After years of hard work and dedication, Martin shared some of her thoughts and things she’s learned from her time at The Mill.

Martin believes that the key to running a great school is communication and rules. She enforces rules around the school for the betterment of the students. Martin also feels that communication goes a long way and it can give teachers a better understanding of students.

“It’s very important to keep the students safe,” Martin said.  “Even if they do agree with some of the rules, it will help them later on in life.”

Though she will be retiring, Martin will never forget the Mill’s work environment and culture.

Our students are very honest and have integrity and that is why they turn out so successful.

— athletic director Sandy Martin

“What I love about Starr’s Mill is the balance there is between academics and athletics. There is a foundation of character and that is a quality that I will never forget,” Martin said. “Our students are very honest and have integrity and that is why they turn out so successful.”   

Before coming over to the Mill Martin worked as an assistant principal at Flatrock Middle School, working alongside former Starr’s Mill Principal Audrey Toney. There was an open spot as assistant principal at Starr’s Mill and Martin interviewed for it. She received the position and worked as a registrar. In her last couple years, Martin will be leaving behind her positions as assistant principal and athletic director.

One of the most common ways students can see Martin’s enthusiasm about her job is at athletic events. “Every time I’m playing in a match I always see Mrs. Martin in the corner of my eye supporting the tennis team,” sophomore Megan Fox said.

It seems evident that Martin will always support Starr’s Mill but following her departure she plans on supporting more of her personal life by spending time with her mother, reading a few books, and traveling with her husband. The hallways will not be the same without Martin’s friendly face.

“Even though my job is very time consuming, I’m going to miss every second of it and I will miss working with our amazing staff,” Martin said.