There is no place like Starr’s Mill


Justin Spencer

The drama department is now preparing for their 2018 show, ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ “I looked at the dynamic of the students I had and what would offer the best opportunities for them to succeed,” drama teacher Savahna Silvas said.

Ryan Allen, Staff Writer

The Starr’s Mill drama department meets the iconic Wizard of Oz as new faces and fresh talent come up to the stoplight in this year’s musical. “This school is full of talent and it’s definitely a show that’s going to showcase all of that,” drama director Savahna Silvas said.

‘The Wizard of Oz’ will have open auditions. “In the past, I’ve been surprised by students that come out of nowhere, so I’ve gotten into the habit of not pre-casting,” Silvas said. She wants anyone and everyone to come out and audition for a chance to play their favorite part in a popular musical.  

Right now the musical is scheduled to run March 16-18 in the Willie Duke Auditorium. “It’s an amazing fun-filled event perfect for a family night as the musical is for all ages,” Silvas said.

Starr’s Mill dance coach Antonela Klijajic will choreograph and Silvas, in her first year of teaching drama at the Mill, will direct the musical. In addition, the production will include something a Starr’s Mill musical has never had–a live orchestra.

“I encourage all to come out and enjoy a well-organized musical with friends and family,” Silvas said.